Power 8 AIX S822 Model 8284-22A

SKU: S822 8284-22A EPXD

20-core 3.425 GHz POWER8

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IBM POWER8 model S822 8284-22A

Based on technology IBM POWER8, 2U servers IBM 8284-22A are equipped with 6-20 POWER8 cores. The powerful S822 8284-22A offers a flexible E/S configuration as well as a choice of storage features and up to 1024 GB of memory.


Technical specificationsIBM S822 8284-22A:

  • One or two POWER8 processor cards 6 hearts 3,89 GHz or one or two POWER8 processor cards 8 hearts 4,15 GHz or one or two POWER8 processor cards 10 hearts 3.42 GHz
  • Memory: up to 1024 GB DDR4
  • Format: 2U rackable version
  • Supported operating systems: OS400, AIX or Linux
Product Details
S822 8284-22A EPXD

Data sheet

RAM32/1 024
Number of cores20-Core
OS Aix
Processor Nodes2

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